Electric Motorbike in Cebu P20,000, Philippines Bargain of the day

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For those interested in going green transport and saving the environment or saving pesos, I found a store in downtown Cebu offering electric motor bikes at P20,000. Just the right solution for doing local errands.

electric motor bike cebu philippines
electric motor bike cebu philippines

You can visit their shop in downtown Cebu just near Metro Colon.  Ask for the owner Gary.    Call them at (o32) 2545258  at 154 Manalili Street, Cebu City 6000 or email them at gary@vagtrading.com or look at their many wares at their ebay site

Please note I have no financial interest in any of the articles I post online. 

VAG TRADING offers a wide range of Electronic Products each market leaders in their own right. Equally impressive displays of various brands are offered as our research has proven that the average customer feels that their local Electronic shop doesn’t stock a wide enough range of products. Our shop carries an extensive range of products to suit your needs.

Also search the Sulit classified ads and Ebay for other Philippine dealers of Electric motorbikes

Introducing the Pinoy-made electric bicycle

Electric Motorbikes have improved in the last few years.

Tired of never ending fuel price hikes???

This ad is the best solution ever to motorists and bike entusiasts who loves to cruise around but still maintain a abudget of P8 to P20 only for a 125 KM of joyful rides, worry-free cruising and fun travel around the city.

Try a electric scooters and motorbikes and see how much you can save in a month or a year compares to using fossil fuels


NO Gas
NO Lubricant
NO Transmission
NO Belts
NO Ignition Plugs
NO Carburetor
NO Chains

Virtually NO MAINTENANCE & NO EXTRA COST like monthly change oil; regular tune-ups, oiling and others

Requires only up to 2 hrs to fully charge which costs up to ONLY P20 in electricity costs at the max. Full charge can run you up to 125 KM of up to 60/80 kph driving

Eco Friendly Electric Motorbikes
Lots of good reading at this blog http://electricmotorbikes.blogspot.com/

Electric motorcycles and scooters

Make way for Eco-friendly ETricycles  http://article.wn.com/view/2009/04/26/Make_way_for_Ecofriendly_ETricycles

Check out the benefits of driving an electric bike (e-bike):

1. BIG SAVING vs getting a motorcycle
             Our e-bikes are cheaper than gasoline-powered motorcycles
             Ex. Known Brand 1 P 50,900 vs. "POPULAR" model P 35,500
             Our lowest priced e-bike is P 22,500 only

2. HUGE SAVINGS on fuel
            Gasoline: around P35/Liter vs. Electric consumption (6-8 hrs full charge) P 10

3. Save on oil and registration
           No need for change oil, and since LTO considers this as a bike (with pedals), no
           need for registration also

4. Easy charging
          Just charge the battery at any 220V outlet at the convenience of your home. No
         need to got the gasoline station to "fill it up."

5. Faster travel and parking
           NO need to wait for a bus, jeepney, or tricycle. Simply ride your e-bike!
           Because it's a bike, you have no parking problems.

6. Safe travel
           Max speed for the high-powered models is 50km/hr
           Max speed for smaller bikes is 30km/hr
7. Noise-free travel
          Absolutely no noise. You can leave and arrive at any place without the loud noise.

8. No worry of "low-batt"
          One full charged battery can last 30-60 km (depending on model), enough to get
          you to your normal destination (office, school, market, salon, etc)

9. Contributes to your health
          You can pedal your way to health and fitness. If your battery is "low-batt," you
          can simply use the pedals and presto, you get some exercise!

10. You help save our planet!
          Since this is electric, our e-bikes don't emit smoke that pollute our air. Our world
          is already experiencing the bad effects of pollution from gas. This is our way of
          helping the environment so we can breathe healthier air!


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